Fetty History in Canada
Jean Le Fetty;
The Earliest known FETTY in the America's is Jean Le Fetty before 1689
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Jean Le FETTY, married: 12 July 1689 to: Suzanne Rabouin,
in: Sorel, Richelieu county, Quebec.

Suzanne "Rabouin" Le FETTY, born: 23 November 1665,
in: Ile D''orleans, Qbc, Quebec.

Marie Josephte Le FETTY, born:abt 1692, Quebec.

Married: 24 DEC 1708, Contrat Notaire Pothier, to:
Francois-Vanasse PRECOURT, Born: 27 Jan 1692 in:Trois Rivieres, Quebec.

Date   Type    Parish                               Role     Sex    Name         First name
1708,   n,    Lieu indéterminé (Québec), Subject,   f,   VANASSE,  Marie

1708,   n,    Lieu indéterminé (Québec), Subject,  m,   VANASSE,  Francois

1708,   n,    Lieu indéterminé (Québec), Mother,   f,    Le FETTY,  Suzanne

1755 - Henry Lajoie Fety served in the French Indian War 1755 - Regiment - Remigny, Company – La Sarre.
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