Fetty History
Tommy Armour

As long as men play golf, the name of Tommy Armour, the "Silver Scot", will stand near the top in golf's Hall of Fame, for here is one of the game's most gifted players, and one of the most colorful sports figures of all time. Known in his later days as the Silver Scot, when younger he was known as "the Black Scot" for his thick tuft of black hair. A longtime friend once described him as having "a mouth like a steel trap, a nose like a ski jump, and eyes which indicate that he would enjoy seeing you get a compound fracture of the leg".

Born on September 24, 1894 in Edinburgh Scotland, Tommy received his schooling at
Fetty's College and Edinburgh University, and while prominent as an all around amateur in Scotland, he did not engage in serious competition until after World War I. Rising from private to Staff Major in the Tank Corps, it was said that his fine, strong fingers and superlative coordination of hand and eye made him the fastest man with a machine game in the entire Tank Corps, thus gaining him an audience with King George V. He survived a mustard gas explosion but was left blinded and with a metal plate in his head and left arm. He fought back to regain the sight of his right eye and while convalescing in a war hospital, took up golf to regain his strength.
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July 22, 2001