Are You A True Descendant Of George Fetty sr. b: 1753?
   Will Your DNA Match?
   Which Family Lines Are You Most Closely Related?

The ultimate goal is for our family to have a working database of linked genealogies and their respective DNA signatures that will enable relatives and researchers to determine which of the variant-spelled Fetty lines are related and possibly to determine how the DNA signature of their line relates to the various groups which have been tested. It is our hope that we will be able to
   · Genetically determine the descendants of George Fetty sr. b:1753 near Princeton, New Jersey an       American Revolutionary War Patriot serving with the New Jersey Militia and our relations to the various spellings pronounced Fetty in America and Europe.
   · To give our Fetty relatives a database robust enough to aid family and researchers in their genealogical research to pinpoint a line from which they likely descended.
    The “Y” chromosome only appears in men, we urge male descendants with the Fetty surname and various spellings to participate in the Fetty DNA Project. If you are female and interested in testing your line, you will need to ask your father, brother, paternal uncle, or a male first cousin from the father's brother, to provide his DNA. This reconstruction is not limited to any specific variant spelling of the surname Fetty...nor to families from a specific geographical location. That would be narrow-minded.


   One of the Fetty Family DNA Project Coordinators will send you a DNA Kit. The DNA collection procedure is painless and requires only a swab of the inside of the participant’s cheek. Complete and detailed instructions are included with the kit. The testing lab will compare our samples with other samples in their database. We will be notified by e-mail when each 'genetic cousin' is matched in their database.  Results are generally received within a matter of weeks.  Included in the specimen kit is a Release Form, should you fail to sign and date this release, you will not be notified if there is another participant whose DNA is a match to yours. Each specimen will be given code numbers and tested for the Y-chromosome only, and will not be used for any other purpose than the Fetty Family DNA Project.

Why the 25-Marker Test?:

   Some may ask why we are using the 25-marker test rather than the less expensive 12-marker test. A 25-marker test will provide a greater degree of detail and visibility to genetic mutations and allow the results to effectively sort the groups out. In very simplistic terms, the 25-marker test effectively decreases the time back to the MRCA by half...or from 14.3 generations to about 7 generations. For one born near 1930, we assume a generation averages 25 years, an exact match with a 25-marker test points back to a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) born circa 1750's hence George Fetty sr. b:1753.


   Our objective is to match up individuals or families who share a common male ancestor of the Fetty surname. This includes the variant spellings of Fetti, Feti, Fety, Feytis, Faitis, Le Fetty to name a few.
We invite all interested participants to write with any questions you may have. Only one male per immediate family needs to be tested, thus allowing interested parties to share the cost of the testing


   Many of you are likely concerned about the privacy of your test results. You can read Family Tree DNA's privacy statement when you go to The Fetty Family DNA Project.


   Family Tree DNA is offering a special, reduced cost essentially $17.00 each if cost shared with Ten family members totaling $169.00 for the 25-marker Y-Chromosome test.

Are You A True Descendant Of George Fetty sr. b: 1753?

Will Your DNA Match?

Matching DNA from the supposed descendants of George Fetty sr. and Phebe's children can      prove any true relationship. The Fetty DNA Project is in progress and those that participate will know they are true relatives and using the correct surname for their DNA.


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