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Wolfgang Fetty and Margot Fetty

It is thought the Fetty Families in Austria today are descendants of the Huguenot migration from France (16th-17th centuries and again 1745-1754) as possibly our Fetty Ancestors in America.
   Our Fetty cousins in Austria Wolfgang Fetty and his wife Margot Fetty were most helpful researching Fetty History and Genealogy in Austria. They have provided their family genealogy from the 1750’s Austria to present day. Wolfgang’s research has also provided the genealogy of another Fetty Family in Austria. There are more than 30 Fetty Family members in Austria today. Research continues.

Wolfgang Fetty’s Genealogy

Generation 1

Josephi FETTY, born: before 1750 in Gross Russbach, Austria (Sources; wwii Arier-Pass)
Died; Gross Russbach, Austria.
Continued on genealogy pages below.

               Austria History and Fetty Genealogy

As a territorial concept, Austria refers to a state that frequently and dramatically changed dimensions throughout the course of its history.  From 996 to around 1500, Austria was smaller than it is today.  After 1500, it assumed truly imperial dimensions and remained imperial until 1918.  As a political concept, Austria also has referred to different forms of government.  After 1282, the Habsburg dynasty bore the name of Austria, "the House of Austria," and Austria was coextensive with the lands they ruled.  In the 18th century, the term Austrian Monarchy (Monarchia Austriaca) came into use.  In 1804, Austria was reconstituted as an empire, Kaisertum Österreich (Austrian Empire).  In 1867, it was restructured into the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and Austria referred to the western part of the monarchy.  

   History of Lorraine and Alsace, France former territories of Austria. As shown on our site in previous pages Louys Fety, the son of Francois Fety and Claudine Poirel was baptized on 21 April 1686 Blenod-Les-Coul in Alsace-Lorraine, France. 38 years prior Alsace was Austrian.

30 Years War of Europe 1618-1648

France won a great victory of Condé at Lens in the Netherlands, on 20 August, 1648. To secure peace for the empire, Austria consented in 1648 to give up its hereditary lands in Alsace and the city of Breisach to France; it also finally recognized the incorporation of the territories of Metz, Toul, and Verdun into France. It postponed, however, the decision as to the claims of France on the Duchy of Lorraine, and prevented France being made an estate of the empire for its conquests in Alsace. Sweden received the land around the mouth of the Oder with Stettin and Hither Pomerania, the territory near the outlet of the Weser, and the dioceses of Bremen and Verden, as well as Wismar, and was made an estate of the empire, because it and not the Electorate of Saxony, had been the leader of the Protestant estates in the negotiations for peace
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